Thursday, March 2, 2017

Be Careful with your Automobile Insurance Coverage Q & A

If you think you have coverage for an accident you need to know  . . .

How much Automobile Insurance Coverage Do You Have?

Many drivers do not know how much or what automobile insurance coverage they have. It is important to know what coverage you have and your policy limits in case of an accident.  

Why Do You Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Unfortunately, there are many uninsured drivers on the road. If you do not have the proper insurance to protect yourself, you could be faced with great financial hardship for an accident you did not cause.  We recommend that you contact your auto insurance company to inquire about Under-insured or Uninsured Motorist coverage. 

If you think you have coverage for an 
accident you need to know  . . . 

This extra coverage is afforded when you are a victim of an accident and the other driver does not have bodily injury coverage or does not have enough coverage for your permanent injury claim.  The cost for this coverage is nominal compared to the benefit you will receive if it is needed. However, in order to carry uninsured motorist coverage you must have bodily injury coverage in the same amount. 

Is Bodily Injury Coverage Required in Florida?

This is about public policy. If you're going to protect yourself against  uninsured motorists, you yourself should not be an uninsured motorist.  The roads are dangerous enough. Take some of the risk that you will be financially devastated by an accident out of the equation and by sufficient bodily injury and uninsured motorist coverage. Bodily Injury coverage is not mandatory in the State of Florida, but you can be personally sued if you cause an accident and someone has suffered permanent injuries.     

When people come to our office and say they have full coverage and all they carry is PIP, they are sadly misinformed. They have enough coverage to be legally driving on the road but they are certainly not adequately insured.

Driving Without Insurance


Why is Florida SR-22 Insurance Required?

Florida like many states requires drivers to have car insurance. If you are pulled over by law enforcement and don’t have car insurance, the officer can issue you a citation under § 316.646, Florida Statutes, for operating a vehicle without insurance. Furthermore, if you elect to just pay the resulting ticket, this can result in a guilty plea or a conviction. 
The consequence of a conviction of driving without car insurance is that it your driver’s license and registration will be suspended. In order to reinstate the two, you will be required to purchase a special type of insurance called SR-22, which is more expensive than regular car insurance, and you will have to maintain this insurance for a period of two years. In addition, you will have to pay a reinstatement fee ranging from $150-$500.
If you have received a citation for driving without car insurance and would like assistance with you case, please call our office at (813) 253-3363.