Monday, July 27, 2009

FBI to Oversee Sarasota Police Investigation

Excessive Force, Police Misconduct, FBI, Civil RightsThe City of Sarasota Police Department asked the FBI to oversee its investigation into an incident involving one of its police officers and alleged excessive use of force. On June 26, Officer Christopher Childers arrested Juan G. Perez on charges of disorderly intoxication and obstructing an officer without violence. Upon arriving at the jail, Perez squeezed his way out of the squad car’s rear open window and landed face first on the pavement. A few minutes later, Perez attempted to stand up and Officer Childers kicked him two times and then stood with his foot on Perez’s torso for about five minutes. All of this occurred while Perez was still handcuffed.
The City of Sarasota asked for the FBI’s involvement after the Sarasota Herald-Tribune discovered that the detective investigating charges against Officer Childers also negotiated a civil settlement with Perez.