Saturday, October 17, 2009

Personal Injury Precautions and Holiday Time

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Holiday time often fills your home with family and friends. But during this joyful time, homeowners should be actively protecting visitors to your home from potential hazards.

Halloween will soon be here, and this holiday comes with its own set of hazards to your home and those visiting your home. Many legal and insurance commentators offer advice for protected the safety of those visiting your home, and for protecting yourself against liability.

This may be the only time of the year that your home will be visited by many strangers, creating a unique situation for premises liability. Legal commentators note that this holiday is particularly risky for slip-and-falls, which create a liability for the home owner. (Injury Board.)

Many of these hazards can be easily prevented. It is good to make sure that in the area where trick-or-treaters come up to your house is well lit. (Home Safety Council.) Also, clear this area of clutter including Halloween decorations, and pumpkins. (Home Safety Council.) This will help to prevent falls which you could be liable on your property.

Another way to prevent liability is to make sure that your pets, whether inside or outside are properly restrained, so that they don’t jump on or hurt visitors to your home. (Insurance agents).