Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gasparilla Parade Tips

Everyone wants to have a good day. Here are some tips to make your Gasparilla day a little more enjoyable. Plan your day in advance. If you know where you’re going to park and your route, it can save you time. Once you arrive, pick a meeting place so if you become separated, you have a place to meet. Text yourself your parking location to remind yourself where you parked. The Crosstown Expressway is a great route to take. There are convenient exits to the parade routes (beginning, middle and end).
The parade route is a wet zone, you can drink alcohol, but only from the vendors selling along the parade route. No coolers, kegs or open containers are allowed. Absolutely no glass bottles. If you have any other questions call the City of Tampa Gasparilla Call Center: 813-274-8750