Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tampa Defense Attorney - 413 Arrested Gasparilla

Criminal Defense Attorney, Michael Maddux notes There were 413 arrests during Gasparilla this year. Most were alcohol related, according to a Tampa police spokesman. We will update the arrest total. There were only 127 arrests in 2009. Saturday's arrest total included 406 misdemeanor cases and seven felonies.

Also among the charges were felony charges including open container, minor in possession of alcohol, battery on a law enforcement officer, battery on a police horse, being in possession of fake identification, and felony possession of marijuana. We also expect reports about DUI Driving while impaired, and Driving Under the Influence. One arrest included an NFL National Football League player.

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Open Container, Minor In Possession Of Alcohol, Cannabis, DUI, Battery On A Law Enforcement Officer, Battery On A Police Horse, Fake Identification, Possession Of Marijuana,