Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why Did Michael Jackson’s Person Physical Hire An Attorney?

Why Hire An Attorney?With all of the media attention and controversy surrounding the death of Michael Jackson, his alleged use of prescription drugs and his personal physician, who was present at the time of his death, the fact that the physician has hired a criminal defense attorney to represent him during the investigation may lead many to believe he has something to hide. However, it is not an uncommon practice for individuals being questioned by police during an investigation to be represented by an attorney and, in this case especially, is a wise thing to do. Even if police do not consider a person a target of an investigation, that person has a right to have an attorney present to protect their rights as guaranteed by the United States Constitution. In cases such as this, where there are no clear answers as to what happened, it is even more important to hire a criminal defense attorney before being questioned by the police. This right is reinforced by Miranda v. Arizona wherein the government must advise any individual being questioned of their right to have an attorney present to protect your Fifth Amendment privilege against self incrimination and that any statements made by the individual, whether they are a suspect or simply a witness, can and will be used against them. Even if you know you are completely innocent, you do not want to be put in the position of saying something the police could potentially use against you during the investigation. Many people are intimidated by the police and their nervousness may cause them to say or do something that is misinterpreted by investigators. An attorney can guide the individual through the questioning process to ensure the person does not unwittingly incriminate themselves.