Monday, August 31, 2009

Florida Motorcycle Laws

Florida Motorcycle Laws, Motorcycle Accidents, Traffic Violations, Florida Insurance, Florida LawyerFlorida law does not require motorcycles to be insured, leaving many motorcyclists without insurance to protect themselves and others in an accident. Typically, motorcyclists are often severely injured in accidents and their medical bills quickly escalate while in emergency care. Motorcycle insurance is essential considering the rising cost of healthcare, leaving many Floridians without health insurance or means to pay their medical bills. Without proper insurance, they are faced with enormous medical bills and financial ruin.

Unfortunately, there are many uninsured motorists on Florida’s roadways and with the slowing economy, these numbers are expected to increase over time. Insurance protection can also provide benefits for the motorcyclist when the other driver is at fault for the accident, but does not have automobile insurance. Without proper insurance coverage, a motorcyclist can also be personally sued by the other party for property damages and personal injuries, if they caused the accident.

Although motorcycle insurance is not required in Florida and no one ever expects to be in an accident, there are many benefits in having the insurance coverage when and if needed. Unexpected and uninsured accidents can be devastating emotionally and financially. I recommend that all motorcycle owners purchase insurance coverage that will offer them adequate protection and benefits.