Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Avoid Accidents and Tickets: Know the Rules Of The Road

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How many times do you see someone driving below the speed limit in the left lane or driving on the shoulder to beat the traffic? These actions often lead to horrific accidents that could have been easily avoided. Some people know they are breaking the law, but simply don’t care. Others may have forgotten the laws governing our roadways. Most people study the Florida Driver’s Handbook when they are about to get their driver’s license, but years later, few pick up the book to refresh their memory. Knowing how to drive is different from knowing the rules. The Florida Driver’s Handbook has a lot of valuable information and safety tips, such as handling emergencies like breakdowns, tire blow outs, wet brakes, jammed gas pedals, brake failures, skidding and fires. I recommend that everyone freshen up on the rules of the road, it could save lives, including your own.
The Florida Driver Handbook
El Manual de Conductores de Florida